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Women's Jackets - QOR

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  • Metro Merino Jacket

    Metro Merino Jacket

    BUSINESS/DAY AND NIGHT EVENTS. Midweight. Fully lined. Natural odor control.

  • Moxie Crop Jacket

    Moxie Crop Jacket

    BUSINESS/TRAVEL. Midweight. Chic and flattering. Stretchy and wicking fabric. Odor control.

  • Urban Knit Bomber

    Urban Knit Bomber

    BUSINESS OR LEISURE/TRAVEL. Midweight. Pairs with everything. Soft and stretchy performance knit fabric. Odor control.

  • QOR Modern Jacket

    QOR Modern Jacket

    COMMUTE/TRAVEL. Lightweight. Cinchable waist. Very soft and stretchy. Odor control.

  • True Hoodie

    True Hoodie

    PRE/POST WORKOUT/LEISURE. Midweight. Super soft performance French terry. Secured pockets. Odor control.

  • Airy Seamless Jacket

    Airy Seamless Jacket

    RUNNING/WORKOUT/POST-WORKOUT. Lightweight. Soft, breathable, wicking, and stretchy. Odor control.

  • QOR Merino Hoodie

    QOR Merino Hoodie

    COMMUTE/ WARM-UP OR COOL-DOWN/TRAVEL. Heavyweight. Soft, wrinkle-resistant, breathable, moisture-absorbing. Natural odor control.

  • QOR Merino Blazer

    QOR Merino Blazer

    DAILY GO-TO/COMMUTE/TRAVEL. Midweight. Soft, non-wrinkling, breathable, moisture-absorbing. Natural odor control.

  • Urban Knit Blazer

    Urban Knit Blazer

    YEAR-ROUND/BUSINESS OR LEISURE/TRAVEL. Midweight. Soft and stretchy. Drapey, yet structured. Odor control.

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