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Merino Polo Shirts and Performance Polos

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  • QORtec Stretch Polo SS

    QORtec Stretch Polo SS

    GOLF/COMMUTER. Midweight.
    ‘Buttery’ soft fabric.

  • Striped Jersey Polo SS

    Striped Jersey Polo SS

    COMMUTER/GOLF. Midweight.
    Subtle striping. Moisture wicking/absorbing. Very soft. Merino wool blend.

  • Merino Polo Shirt front

    QOR 17.5 Merino Polo SS

    COMMUTER/GOLF. Midweight.
    Moisture absorbing. Very soft. Natural odor control. Travel essential.

  • Heathered Knit Polo

    Heathered Knit Polo

    Merino-Poly blend. Double odor control.
    Absorbs/wicks moisture.

  • QOR Baselayer Polo SS

    QOR Baselayer Polo SS

    GOLF/RUN/GYM. Lightweight.
    Premium fabric. Natural odor control.
    Super-fast wicking/drying.

  • QOR Power Dry® Golf Polo

    QOR Power Dry® Golf Polo

    GOLF/WORKOUT. Lightweight.
    Breathable, wicking, and fast drying. Odor control.

  • QOR BDA Polo

    QOR BDA Polo

    COMMUTER/GOLF. Lightweight.
    Elevated look. Wicking and fast drying. Stretchy. Odor control. Travel-ready.

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