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Customer Reviews

Review by Running Man
QORtec Ultra Light Run Pant
Overall Rating
100 100
I bought these after getting a pair of the shorts that are similar, which are great. Both work for me for running and working out. I bought a M and I am a 33-34 waist, about 180, 5’10”. Like the stretchy light weight fabric and the slim fit in the leg. I only carry a credit card and money in my pocket so they great and I like the positioning. Different from my other run pants since they look great after my run when doing errands etc. (Posted on 6/24/2016)
Review by Richard
QORtec Ultra Light Run Pant
Overall Rating
80 100
I didn't like not having any reviews as a first time Qor buyer, so I would like to be the first.
Light and nice ventilation. Perfect for warm climates (I'm in AZ). I was just outside in a breeze and they felt great.
Material: It is as described. Wonder why they said they're quiet? Because ultra-lights can have the embarrassing "swoosh" sound and these do not. Don't expect to be a ninja (they're not magical), they're just normal sounding. Not clingy. I hope it stays because it would be a phenom of the utlra lights if it does.

THE FIT: Perfect. Slimmer fit, not skinny, and finally not baggy like my Nike dry fit run pants. I have no hems to do even when unzipped its fine. One thing I hated about other brands was you unzip and your dragging on the ground. These are cut to not do that. If you care about looking good, like you know how to wear clothes that fit, then this does that. Size: I'm 5'9" 178lbs with a 34 waist. I got a medium. I'm planning on going back down to a 32 waist and 160lbs and not worried about these becoming too big. I was once my target weight/ build for 10 years, I never bought a small. I don't think this is any different, unless you like really tight stuff. I think these will look better at my waist and just below once I get in shape. A small would never do even if I was a 32" because of my legs. If you're thin (maybe a runner), follow size chart and go for small.

CONSTRUCTION: I see double stitch, triple stitches and some kind of military grade fold over hexed cinco stitch only a seamstress knows the name of. Fear of doing squats may be unwarranted. Zippers: Quality. I zipped and zipped because my stuff gets returned if zippers are bunk. These are not bunk. The zipper end protection is a nice touch.

Comfort: Don't want to take them off. Enough said.

Style: If you're worried that check pattern is going to be too flashy in person (I kind of was), don't be (I bought the black). Its subtle and looks like quality pants. Again, its a great cut.

The problem:
1) Pockets: I was so thrilled with these pants on I immediately was going to order the gray pair. Then I opened the pocket. Its a 3 finger pocket meaning thats all you're getting in to fish something out. The total size of the pocket: look at all 4 fingers held together straight out. or My iphone 5 w/ slimmest case you can have barely slips in verticle, 1/4 of it sticks out the top. Thats the extent of the pockets. They're on side of butt (In fairness the ad says that). ...but again, its on the butt, so sitting will push that phone out. My car is keyless entry so I end up sitting on my fob, so take it out, then forget it in car when exiting. These are reasons I hate not having pockets. But, if I'm going to get 2, please please shift them to the front and maybe add a little depth or width so I can get my hand in it. I don't know what to do with these pockets except maybe paper money or a debit card, or temporarily to carry phone or fob out to car as I'm packing up.

2) Waist band. These pants deserve a better waist band in front. That awesome Qor elastic band section on the side. Bring it all the way around. Or do a flat elastic or not so much height. It looks to old school and doesn't match the quality of the rest of these pants.

Conclusion: I'm getting over the pockets, because I don't want to give up the pants. For you, the customer who has no other reviews to go by, I offer you this: You would not regret buying these. They are worth every penny for comfort, fit and exercise, and I think I paid quite a bit for the Nike Dry Fit Run pant, that has big zipper pockets, but inferior to these Qor pants in every other department.
(Posted on 3/6/2015)
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QORtec Ultra Light Run Pant

Style # 21365
Wicking, highly breathable, quick drying, with a bit of mechanical stretch, this 96GM, woven, rip-stop fabric is not only light, it’s quiet – you’ll hear all the spooky stuff when you’re running in the dark. And since the fabric is so light, we treated it with an anti-static finish to make sure it’s not too clingy. Elastic t-shirt holders on the back waist, perforated knit fabric inserts on the sides, zippered pockets, drawcord waist, and subtle reflectivity. Imported. Weight is 7.4 oz. Polyester. S to XXL. Regular fit.

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  • The two zippered pockets are located on the side of the pant, but are shifted slightly towards the wearer’s back.
  • Two elastic shirt holders in the rear, one on each side.
  • Elastic waistband.
  • Zippers at bottom cuff with gusset.
  • 100% polyester.
  • UPF 50+
Washing Instructions
  • Machine wash cold.
  • Tumble dry low.
  • Avoid dry cleaning and bleach.
  • Running! Or gym workouts, hiking, SUP.