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Revo Descend N Sunglasses

Style # 41153
Top notch sunglasses. Revo’s high contrast, polarized, Serilium™ (polycarbonate), rimless, lens design. Anti-reflective coating, SurfacePro™ protection system, Motion-Fit™ frame. Comes with a floating leash. But we bet you won’t lose these, they are just too awesome. Made in USA. OS.

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Additional Information
  • Technical, performance-based frames and lenses.
  • The Descend N's open-edged lens design (another way of saying rimless) offers an unobstructed, panoramic view, and with more airflow there's less fogging.
  • The Motion-Fit™ frame design and attached nosepad mean no slipping or sliding during your high-speed activities, and they stay put without unwanted pressure points. The frame Eco-Use™ is partially constructed from the seed of the castor bean plant, making it environmentally friendly and sustainable.
  • Revo's exclusive Serilium™ lenses are a special formulation of polycarbonate, so they're lightweight, high-impact resistant - great for when you're kicking up the gravel - and they sharpen colors and contrast.
  • LMS or Light Management System™ - the high contrast polarization and mirror coatings based on NASA technology - make for amazing clarity and protection. At 99% glare-free, you're not going to squint and your eyes won't water (a good thing when you're downhill skiing or driving). Also worth noting: Your eyes are 100% protected from harmful UVA, UVB, & UVC rays.
  • Multiple layers of backside anti-reflective coating eliminate potentially reflected or bounced light off the lenses and back to your eyes.
  • Revo also applies layers of SurfacePro™ to the lenses. This permanent coating is hydrophobic and oleophobic, so it helps the lenses repel dirt, water, sweat, oils from your skin or suntan lotion… and even fingerprints.
Washing Instructions
  • Go to for more information.
  • Water sports, cycling, beach volleyball... you get the idea.
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