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REVO Baseliner

Style # 41533
High quality, high performance, go-to sport sunglasses. Made in Italy. Wrap styling. Super lightweight. Comfortable. They come in two different frame/lens combinations: Matte Black/Graphite and Crystal Grey/Greenwater. Both come with anti-slip nose pads and Revo’s superior lenses - in this case, their high-contrast polarized Serilium™ lens which blocks all (100%) of the UV rays and absorbs 87% of visible light. Made in Italy.

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Additional Information
  • Revo’s Serilium™ lenses are made from a special formulation of polycarbonate that provide superior optics, impact-resistance, great overall vision and performance.
  • Every pair of Revo sunglasses comes with three standard lens coatings with the intent of providing the best visual clarity, color and contrast enhancement: a) A mirror coating that includes Revo’s Light Management System™ (it optimizes usable light that passes through the lens for specific environments and activities).
  • b) Back surface protection - a combination of protective filters and coatings that help reduce intrusive back surface reflections.
  • c) Surfacepro™ - a permanent coating that repels virtually anything that may come in contact with the Serilium™ lenses, including water, oil, sweat, dirt, dust, ink, or even a fingerprint.
  • The Revo Green Water lens makes natural colors pop. The green multilayer mirror, combined with the Terra base lens, accentuates the middle of the spectrum (green) for an enhanced visual experience. In addition, it completely cuts through water surface glare in medium and low light conditions.
  • The Revo Graphite lens has contrast enhancing filters, plus a subtle silver coating highlighting the green, yellow, and red segments of the color spectrum.
  • Lens width: 61mm.
  • Case included.
  • Prescription ready.
Washing Instructions
  • We wash ours in warm water with a mild detergent, then gently towel them off with a soft, clean, microfiber cloth – like the one you’d use on your computer screen.
  • Green Water - great for fishing on lakes and streams, paddling, hiking, golf, and mountain biking.
  • Graphite – active commuting and everything else.
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