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QOR 17.5 Sweater

Style # 11783
Lightweight, classic high v-neck styling, super versatile. It’ll look great in the office, travel well, and always be up for a hike. Why? It’s knit with 100% 17.5 Merino yarn - from Italy, no less. Means it’s soft, comfortable, and very functional. Wear it next to skin or over a baselayer, your choice. Imported. Weight is 11.1 oz. S to XXL. Regular fit.

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Additional Information
  • 12 gauge 1 end 17.5 (superfine) Merino wool.
  • Few natural fibers have the highly-functional properties of Merino, especially when it comes to thermoregulation - keeping you comfortable across different combinations of outside temperature and physical activity.
  • Assuming you are wearing the right weight Merino, you'll find it actually cools you when you are hot and sweaty, and provides warmth when you're cold and/or wet.
  • Merino absorbs your body's moisture, then transfers it outward where it is released. In the summer, this has a cooling effect. When it's cold, Merino's inherent insulating qualities and its ability to move moisture away from your skin combine to make you feel warmer.
  • Simply put, Merino's seemingly magical properties allow you to enjoy more of your outdoor activities without thinking too much about what you are wearing.
  • Did we mention that it's also UV-absorbing and stain resistant? And that wool is naturally antimicrobial and helps reduce odor? Oh, and it doesn't wrinkle, either.
  • The 17.5 in the name refers to the actual fiber size - 17.5 microns. This is considered super or ultra fine, but what that really translates into is zero itch and a great feel on your skin.
  • QOR reflective tab at wearer’s right hem.
Washing Instructions
  • Machine wash in cold water, gentle cycle.
  • Avoid bleach.
  • For best results, lay flat to dry – but ok to tumble dry on low.
  • May be ironed at a low temperature.
  • May be dry cleaned.
  • You pick – this great looking, high-performing, versatile sweater will go anywhere you do.
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