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QOR 17.5 Merino Henley

Style # 11047
Merino performance and phenomenal next-to-skin feel. Same reflective trims and seaming detail as our 17.5 tee shirts. Wear by itself or over a tee as light insulation - depends where you live. Might be all you need for an active morning of rowing or running. Of course, you can wear just about anything for exercise... but if you want to look and feel good... Imported. Weight is 9.2 oz. 195GM Merino wool/nylon fabric. S to XXL. Regular fit

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Additional Information
  • Jersey fabric, comprised of 89% Merino wool/11% nylon core spun (Raptâ„¢) yarn.
  • Long sleeves.
  • Button front placket.
  • Contrast seam stitching.
  • Shoulder yoke cut on the cross grain (more stretch, less tension).
  • Wide fold back hem on sleeves.
  • Few natural fibers have the highly-functional properties of Merino, especially when it comes to thermo-regulation keeping you comfortable across different combinations of outside temperature and physical activity.
  • Assuming you are wearing the right weight Merino, you'll find it actually cools you when you are hot and sweaty, and provides warmth when you're cold and/or wet. We like 150 grams/meter squared (GM) if it's really hot, or 400GM when it's really cold.
  • Merino absorbs your body's moisture, then transfers it outward, where it is released. In the summer, this has a cooling effect. When it's cold, Merino's inherent insulating qualities and its ability to move moisture away from your skin combine to make you feel warmer.
  • Did we mention that it's also UV-absorbing and stain resistant? And that wool is naturally antimicrobial and helps reduce odor? Oh, and it doesn't wrinkle, either.
  • We've included the number 17.5 in our labels to reference the actual fiber size 17.5 microns considered super or ultra fine, but what that really translates into is zero itch and a great feel on your skin.
  • Worth mentioning is that QOR's signature 17.5 Merinos are stitched from fabrics made with a nylon core yarn, with the Merino spun around that core. This combination gives you all the benefits of Merino (thermal, odor, and moisture control) with the added benefits of strength and durability due to its nylon core.
Washing Instructions
  • Machine washable, inside out, delicate cycle, cold water. Lay flat or line dry. Avoid iron, softeners, bleach, and dry cleaning.
  • Great baselayer choice for long-duration aerobic exercise. Great midlayer choice, too, paired with a t-shirt whenever you want more insulation. We also like it for travel or even for a day at the office.
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