Our Journey
While we’ve only been selling our products for 1 year, we began their design and development far earlier. It took a whole year to design them, establish QOR’s ‘fit,’ source the high performing, great feeling fabric, and to find the quality manufacturers to sew it all together.
Each piece that we offer has gone through this labor of love, and the process never stops. We keep improving everything based on our own experience and your feedback.

Products We Love
Along this journey a number of products began to stand out based on how often we reached for them. Call them essentials if you like, but we just think of them as products we love. They go everywhere we go - to the gym, work, on all our travels.
The first of these is our 265 Merino Full Zip Hoodie.
Somehow it transcends simply being a hoodie and becomes a dependable, enjoyable friend.

265 Merino Full Zip Hoodie
265 refers to the fabric weight in grams per square meter. It’s about 50% heavier than our average Merino baselayer which, in our opinion, is just the right weight if you get a chill on your morning commute or on your next red eye. And, don't forget – Merino naturally reduces odor and doesn't wrinkle.